Protect funds to clean our air and fight climate change!

Sara Rivera is a proud mother and grandmother living in Bell, California in Southeast L.A. who believes her children and community should live in a safe and clean environment.

On June 5th, we have an opportunity to deliver a strong message to Big Oil and corporate polluters. Stand with Sara and EJ communities like Southeast L.A. and show that we will not let polluters control our climate policy by voting NO on Prop 70!

WATCH and SHARE our newest video featuring Sara on why we must STOP Prop 70!

Proposition 70 is a corporate-led attack on climate action in California. If passed, it would seize funding that is currently used to fight pollution and improve community health. It would subject this funding to a two-thirds vote in 2024, and by doing so, it would hold these climate investments hostage to the lobbying of corporate interests.

The health of our most vulnerable communities and California’s climate leadership are on the line. Share our video and tell your friends and family to vote NO on Prop 70!

Proposition 70 would lead to budget gridlock, undermine California’s progress on climate change, and increase the power of corporate interests. It would cut or limit California’s climate programs that have created jobs, installed solar power, replaced highly polluting cars and trucks with clean electric vehicles, and planted trees in low-income communities.

Will you join Sara to vote NO on Prop 70 to ensure California is able to continue vital programs that clean our air, expand renewable energy, and fight climate change?

Vote NO on Proposition 70!

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