Vote NO on Proposition 70!

Cristina Sanchez from Maywood in Southeast Los Angeles is just one of many residents across the state who believes state programs that bring clear air, renewable energy, and fight climate change are vital to building the healthy neighborhoods we all deserve.

We’ve been training residents like Cristina to talk to neighbors and voters about the harmful impacts of Proposition 70, a toxic ballot measure that threatens public funding for future projects that are making solutions like cleaner air, affordable housing, clean energy, and good local jobs a reality for communities that are overburdened by pollution and that need it the most. Will you join us in the fight to protect these critical funds by voting NO on Proposition 70 on June 5th?

Join 50+ organizations and almost every major newspaper that all oppose Proposition 70 today by sharing our videos, fact sheet, and images with your friends and family urging them to vote NO on Proposition 70. Together, let’s unite to #StopProp70!

WATCH and SHARE our new Spanish video featuring Cristina and vote NO on Prop 70!

The climate crisis is only getting worse. Proposition 70 is part of a long-term effort by corporate polluters to attack and undermine efforts to fight climate change. Last year, the top three Big Oil lobbyists spent more than $17.6 million to weaken climate action in our state. Prop 70 sets a dangerous precedent for Big Oil to control public funds for climate action.

We cannot afford to let corporate polluters control our climate policy. The health of our most vulnerable communities and California’s climate leadership are on the line.

Tell your friends and family today to vote NO on Proposition 70!

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