On June 5th, vote NO on Proposition 70!

Who should decide how our state’s climate investments are spent? Not Big Oil!

Community leaders like Adalberto Corona Jr. from Huntington Park in Southeast Los Angeles are the real experts for how our state’s climate investments should be spent.

Adalberto has been a member of CBE Action for almost two years where he participated in door-to-door ground truthing efforts to monitor and document illnesses affecting residents caused by air, water, and soil pollution hazards from trucks or contaminants leached into the soil, that are often located too close to homes and schools. As a result, California’s climate investments have funded solutions like planting trees in these neighborhoods to create buffer zones between residents and toxic pollution sources, and transformed formerly toxic sites to clean and safe green spaces in park-poor communities.

How can we make sure community solutions continue to inform how California spends our climate investments? Stand with Adalberto and vote NO on Proposition 70!

Land use and planning tools like ground truthing verify the problems that currently exist in communities, so that residents can demonstrate the strong need for increased investments and protections — this keeps community needs front and center, which is exactly how our state’s climate policy should function. The local residents who know an area best must identify solutions that will ensure cleaner air for communities living in these toxic hot spots. We must vote NO on Proposition 70 to ensure public money continues to fund community needs and not corporate polluters!

WATCH and SHARE our new video featuring Adalberto and vote NO on Prop 70! Please continue to share our first English video featuring Sara and Spanish video featuring Cristina.

We cannot afford to let corporate polluters control our climate policy. The health of our most vulnerable communities and California’s climate leadership are on the line. Prop 70 would put good climate programs at the mercy of corporate lobbyists, jeopardizing the integrity of California’s climate programs, our environment, and the health of Californians.

Join 50+ organizations and almost every major newspaper that all oppose Proposition 70 today by sharing our videosfact sheet, and images with your friends and family urging them to vote NO on Proposition 70.

Together, let’s unite to #StopProp70!

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