Crucial thinking errors

Nothing to the detriment of the good intentions and I really believe that they want to intend it and intend it. Only I give them little chance, both men and women.

They both make crucial thinking errors. I will briefly show them, maybe it will help you not to start.

Thinking error 1: I want to lose weight so I start exercising and exercising more.

Obviously more exercise is a good idea, but exercise should be done for your health not to lose weight. In addition, exercise is good, but good exercise is even better.

Thinking error 2: I just go on a diet and use meal shakes so that I see results quickly.

The only question is how long you can last and how much weight you will gain afterwards. Because that’s what happens, believe me. After the diet and the shakes you have to return to a ‘normal’ eating pattern. And the only thing you know is the way you always did. Unfortunately, the kilos will be added soon. So the quick result is only short-lived. Moreover, diets are difficult to maintain.

Thinking error 3: I often eat healthy snacks because then my metabolism keeps going.

Unfortunately, more often a snack usually means that you eat more in total. Just think of leagues or sultanas that are often packed per 2 or even 3. It is very tempting and practical to eat them all. Eating snacks is a quick risk of overeating.

Tips for successful and lasting weight loss

It is not surprising that perhaps you too make these thinking mistakes. The gyms, the slimming industry and the beauty industry make grateful use of it and it is therefore frequently used in all kinds of advertisements. Below I will give you a number of tips (‘think-goods’) that increase the chance that you will lose weight.

Thinking good 1: I want to lose weight so I will pay attention to my diet.

Losing weight is mainly about food intake. Exercise is very important but more for health.

Thinking good 2: I don’t do dieting, because that is what I ultimately only get.

Diets often provide the well-known yo-yo effect because it is so difficult to maintain a diet. Moreover, the diet does not cause your eating pattern and your thinking about eating to change. The yo-yo effect is increasingly associated with health risks. Permanent weight loss is about behavior.

Thinking good 3: I limit myself to 3 meals a day.

If you are hungry now and it is not (yet) time to eat, then you can choose to have a snack. Pay attention to what kind of snack you take. Fruit as a snack provides vitamins, minerals and fibers, but the sugars present may damage the teeth. Many snacks such as cookies or snacks contain quite a lot of calories. Just a simple tea biscuit can be fine, inexpensive and low in calories.

Sustainable weight loss

Sustainable weight loss means permanent weight loss. Because getting it done is important that you know something about the functioning of the human body, foods, for which food is intended, but also behavior. You have to keep in mind that the functioning of the human body is complicated and that this is precisely what manufacturers know. They understand marketing.

As a vitality coach I meet many people who, after various dietary attempts, now want to say goodbye to surplus kilos and look for a sustainable way to lose weight; lose weight permanently. Together with my clients I discuss the wishes, expectations and possibilities. Do they see more in a group program or do they prefer to compete alone? All options are possible. I help with sustainable weight loss.

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