No on Proposition 70. No to Big Oil.

Proposition 70 is a corporate-led attack on climate action in California.
If passed, it would seize funding that is currently used to fight pollution and improve community health. It would subject this funding to a two-thirds vote in 2024, and by doing so, it would hold these climate investments hostage to the lobbying of corporate interests. Prop 70 would lead to budget gridlock, undermine California’s progress on climate change and clean air, and increase the power of corporate interests.

The climate crisis is only getting worse. Prop 70 is part of a longterm effort by corporate polluters to attack and undermine efforts to address climate change. Last year, the top three Big Oil lobbyists alone spent more than $17.6 million to weaken California climate action. Prop 70 would set a dangerous precedent for climate action that is riddled with industry loopholes. As recent wildfires, storms, and other extreme weather events have shown, climate change is already happening. We cannot afford to let corporate polluters control our climate policy. We must stop Prop 70.

A Step Backwards, Leading To Legislative Gridlock

In 2010, Californians put an end to the two-thirds budget process and put gridlock and dysfunction in the past by voting to pass Prop 25. We cannot afford to let Big Oil and other corporations take us backwards. In the past, two-thirds budgeting led to inaction and pork barrel projects because a minority of legislators were able to delay the process and extract compromises in exchange for their votes. Prop 70 would enable powerful lobbyists to block good climate programs and to fund wasteful projects that only benefit corporate interests.

An Unnecessary Change to a Working System

Prop 70 is the exact opposite of the accountability promised by politicians — it is an attempt to grab control of money. California already has many systems to oversee our climate programs, including annual budget and policy hearings, a spending plan approved by a majority vote, and annual reports. The current process provides oversight from the legislature. Prop 70 would put good climate programs at the mercy of corporate lobbyists, jeopardizing the integrity of California’s climate programs, our environment, and the health of Californians.

A Direct Threat to Climate Action

California has just under $1 billion in anti-pollution money that funds clean energy, affordable housing, transportation, and other programs that improve the health, sustainability, and resilience of communities across the state. A significant percentage of this money is spent in low-income communities and communities of color, which is required by law. Prop 70 would cut or limit California’s climate programs that have created jobs, installed solar power, replaced highly polluting cars and trucks with clean electric vehicles, and planted trees in low-income communities.

Support climate action in California.

Fight corporate interests trying to undermine climate and clean air progress.

Vote NO on Proposition 70.