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The Two Types of Springs

In our boxing analogy, there are two types of punches: the jab (extension springs) and the uppercut (torsion springs). Both pack power but they function differently in keeping your garage door operating smoothly.

  • Torsion Springs: These heavy-duty coils work by twisting or rotating. When you open the door, these mighty warriors uncoil and provide lift. Torsion springs generally last longer than their extension counterparts but replacing them needs professional skills due to high tension involved.
  • Extension Springs: Like quick jabs thrown out rapidly in succession during fights, extension springs stretch out and recoil quickly each time you use your garage doors giving them momentum to move upwards effortlessly.

A Broken Spring Is No Joke.

You wouldn't laugh if a heavyweight champion was about to throw an uppercut at you. Likewise dealing with broken torsion or extension spring is no laughing matter either because they carry significant load under high tension which can be dangerous if not handled properly.We want to make sure you don't have to face this risk alone. Our experienced team at Astra Garage Door Repair can fix your broken springs efficiently and safely.

When Should You Call for Help?

If you're noticing some unusual sounds or the door isn't opening smoothly, it might be a sign of spring damage. Just like how our boxer wouldn’t fight with an injured arm, your garage shouldn’t operate on a damaged spring.Feel free to reach out if you spot any problems. We're on standby, ready to jump into action every day from 8 am - 8 pm.

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